How to Enable Emoji on Your iOS Device

Emojis have become necessary while having a conversation with a friend. These small cute faces help us in expressing our emotions more. In other words, these emojis are a universal language for conversing online or via text messages.

Previously, Apple Corporation didn’t give any emoji keyboard due to which the users downloaded third-party apps to use Emoji. But, in the later iOS devices, the emoji were included in the built-in keyboard. The keyboard doesn’t show any particular icon representing the Emoji keyboard; hence you have to enable the emoji from the settings of your iOS device.

Follow the simple steps and unlock your Emoji keyboard on your device.

  1.    Open Setting and tap General.
  2.    Go to Keyboard and a new display will come.
  3.    Tap on keyboards and the device will show the installed keyboard.
  4.    Select Add New Keyboard. A list will open.
  5.    In the list go to Emoji and tap on it.
  6.    Now you have added the Emoji option in the keyboard of your iPhone.
  7.    If you wish to use the new Emoji keyboard, then open any application to type anything or merely a text message application.
  8.    In the keyboard of your device, find a Globe icon on the left side of Spacebar.
  9.    Tap on the Globe icon and your Emoji keypad will appear.
  10.    At the bottom of the keyboard, tap all the icons one by one to switch Emoji.
  11.    Remember the Clock icon will save the most used or recently used Emoji.
  12.    The Emoji will not display to the receivers if their device does not support emoji.
  13.    If you swipe left and right, you can switch to the different themed Emoji as well.

You have enabled the emoji in your device and you know how to use it. So don’t wait to use the fantastic feature and start chatting with your friends. Make yourself more expressive with these emojis and enjoy.

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