How to Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

People are connecting with each other across the world, and the medium of their connection is Facebook. But there is a question that everyone would want to be answered. The most common and curious question asked is “who visited my Facebook profile?” There were some social networking sites that used to have a particular section showing the visitors on your profile, but unfortunately, Facebook is not facilitating the direct link or a section to check the visitors. People are always in a desire to check who viewed your profile to see if there is someone who is stalking.

Well, various methods and applications assure you to bring the desired results, but those programs are not very safe to follow. If you download an application in your device, it might leave spyware to collect all the data for the developer. There are many other reasons for not downloading the application, but you can follow the methods mentioned below which do not requires any applications and software to download. Since Facebook has strict policies for users, there is no official way to view the visitor profiles. But don’t bother with it as there is a workaround which you will definitely like to follow. It will take little efforts to put but you will the results are coming out.

How to check the visitor profiles on Facebook

Finally, you are going to check the visitor profiles with this method. You don’t need to download any software or application in your device, but you need to open the Source Page. It is recommended to open it on Google Chrome. Surprised with Source Page stuff? Don’t be because it is not that complex and let’s see the profiles via source page method.

  1. Visit the Facebook
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Go to the Timeline by clicking your Profile Picture.
  4. Right-click on any empty space on your Timeline to open a menu box.
  5. Click View Page Source from the menu box.
  6. Don’t panic when you see a lot of codes and numbers on the page. Neither do you have to edit anything on it.
  7. Now, press Ctrl + F keys from your keyboard.
  8. If you are using Mac or any Apple product, then press Command + F
  9. Now, type InitialChatFriendsList in the search menu at the top right corner of the Chrome window.
  10. Once the search is complete, you can see it highlighted with a color surrounded by various number combinations.
  11. Remember, these number combinations are the profile ID of the other users.
  12. Now, open your Facebook account in a new tab.
  13. Now, copy the ID number with “/” and paste it in the URL address For example the number 56785 then you should put it as and press Enter.
  14. It will display the exact profile page belonging to the number combination you picked.

Well, there are various third-party applications and software products that you can download, but they are paid hence will run only when you pay some amount of money. Google Chrome also has an extension to check the profile visitors, but still, it is recommended to stick with the method mentioned above as it requires efforts and time, not any login credentials. The third party apps and tools might ask you to provide them the tools which could gather the information about you and the results might be unwelcoming.

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