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Fix for Error_File_Not_Found in Windows

Quite frequently ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND related to a particular program appears on the screen results in the event of a program crash. Whenever the user opens a particular application or programs using Open File dialog, the error code occurs. There are multiple reasons like power failure, changes in Windows Registry, change in a folder name, etc. This Read more about Fix for Error_File_Not_Found in Windows[…]

How to Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

People are connecting with each other across the world, and the medium of their connection is Facebook. But there is a question that everyone would want to be answered. The most common and curious question asked is “who visited my Facebook profile?” There were some social networking sites that used to have a particular section Read more about How to Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile[…]

Learn How to Get Chrome Icon for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser and it serves as more than half of the world’s desktop browser. If you want to get its icon, then you can follow the process given below. Through the Properties Menu Just open the Start menu, Access it from Google Chrome, if you have installed it on your Read more about Learn How to Get Chrome Icon for Google Chrome[…]